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Sarah is a qualified counsellor with specific experience in working with children and young people, including adolescents.  The majority of her work is in educational settings such as schools and universities which has provided her with a wealth of experience working with issues associated with this age and stage of life.

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Sarah Bailey Counselling

As both a professional and parent I see how important the health and well-being of our children are to us all.  During my career as a counsellor and psychotherapist I have worked both in general practice and educational settings.  I have worked in 14 different schools and during this time have worked successfully with a wide range of presenting issues and it is this experience along with extensive training that I bring to my private practice.  Although a difficult decision to leave working in schools, I feel my private practice has given me scope to offer a bespoke service to the children and young people I work with, working in collaboration with client and family to provide good quality, solution focused therapy in a relaxed, calm environment.

How I work

It is important to me that each client receives the therapeutic inputs which will best work for them.  I often describe my sessions as truly client centred, each session is as individual as the clients themselves.  

The aspects that remain the same throughout though is my commitment to the client and their family and the first class service they will receive.  I offer open communication, telephone consultations in between sessions and transparency as to achieving the goals.

What our customers are saying

You've truly understood and listened to what my son needed.

Mother of child client aged 10